15 Things Only a Backpacker Can Understand

The thrifty-minded traveller has many a sacrifice to make along the road. Frankly, those who stick up their nose at budget airlines or hostel dorms are on a different wavelength of the travel mentality. Here's 15 things only a backpacker can understand!

 1. When you spot a fellow backpacker hoarding condiment packets from restaurants:

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2. When you wear every layer possible to adhere to budget airline baggage weight limits:


3. When you have to pee but don't want to pay 1 Euro to use the toilet:

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 4. When you're gazing at restaurant menus, but are actually checking if there's free wifi:


 5. After spritzing yourself with sample perfume at the airport duty-free shop:

happy gal

 6. When you first learned about free food bins at hostels:


 7. When your friends want to travel cheap but complain to you about budget airlines & hotels:


 8. When you & other backpackers discover that a random museum has free entry:

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 9. When you want to do laundry but discover the nearest machine is a giant rip-off:


 10. When you see people eating at tourist restaurants with English menus for 8x the local prices:

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 11. When an airline gives you a free meal you weren't expecting:


12. When it's all-you-can-drink night at the hostel:

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13. When breakfast at your hostel is all you can eat… bread:


14. When you've found the cheapest meal in town after checking every single restaurant menu:

teary face

 15. When people tell you that they'd love to travel but don't have the money:

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Got a thrifty travel moment you don't see here? Feel free to share below!