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Thrifty Nomads is an inspiration hub for affordable travel created by a husband-wife team, Jen & Ted. Our goal is to not only motivate people to travel, but to show them exactly how to do it. If this is a concept you’re passionate about, let's talk!

If you'd like our media kit, simply drop us an e-mail.

The Thrifty Nomads Audience

Our readers are everyday dreamers looking to find ways to travel cheaper, sooner. Our audience is made of real-life wanderlusters with a thirst for affordable exploration.

Topics that our readers are most interested in include:

  • Booking cheap flights & accommodation
  • Destination guides with detailed, accurate information
  • Budget travel topics, such as how to travel cheaply in pricey/popular places
  • Travel hacking
  • Packing light & efficiently
  • Saving up for travel from home 

Affiliate Programs

This is our preferred method of working with partners. Affiliate programs allow us to write about you in a way that is honest with our audience, with no risk or upfront investment from you. We only write about products or services that we can genuinely recommend.

If you are not part of an affiliate network, we have our own technical implementation you can use, or you can join a network (we recommend CJ) and make affiliate part of your greater marketing strategy.

Paid Links

If you are a product or service we can genuinely recommend, we can offer paid links in articles on a case-by-case basis. All paid links must be in accordance with Google's guidelines.

Banner Ads

Banner ads can be run on a monthly basis, and we can custom design one for an additional fee if needed. Banner ads do not imply any endorsement from Thrifty Nomads.

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