We're Jen and Ted, the frugal-minded Canadians behind Thrifty Nomads. Four years ago, we were your average high school sweethearts, riding the assembly line of modern life. We'd completed university, gotten married, started new jobs, and next up was a house and kids. In other words, the usual.

We took blink-and-you've-missed-it annual holidays, shrunk our wallets, and ached to see more. Finally we asked ourselves: is a one-track career, an IKEA-furnished condo, and a once-a-year trip the recipe for happiness? Or is there something more?

Spoiler alert: YEP, there's a whole lot out there. Rainforests, deserts, bustling cities, and newfound foreign friends, to be precise. With an insatiable itch to see the earth beyond our 9-5 concrete bubble, in 2012 we sold everything, quit our jobs, and haven't looked back since. 

Want the FULL story of how we dropped it all? Here's the complete story of how we abandoned the daily grind in pursuit of travel. Want to know how we afford it? Read our tips here & learn how you can travel cheaper, too!

About Thrifty Nomads

We created Thrifty Nomads to inspire affordable travel. We too once believed that seeing the world could only be done briefly, expensively, and just once a year. Now with years of travel under our belts, we've realized travel is often cheaper than living in one place, and it doesn't have to be uncomfortable, either.

So, if exploring more of the world for less is on your to-do list, look no further. Stick around, get inspired, and learn how you can see more of the world, for less!

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