Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thrifty Nomads?

Thrifty Nomads is a travel site and blog designed by us, Jen and Ted, a nomadic husband-wife duo. 2.5 years ago we sold everything and left our home of Canada to pursue living and travelling abroad. We quickly learnt that travel is a lot cheaper than we once thought, and we created Thrifty Nomads to show others how to travel more affordably, too!

Can you help me plan a cheap trip?

If you're new to our site, we recommend starting here. Here's some other helpful resources to make your a savvier trip planner!

  • Haven't left for your trip yet? Our Pre-Departure section has tips to help you save from home.
  • Looking for ways to save money on bookings & travelling? Our Budget Travel section has you covered.
  • Want to get inspired to take the plunge & travel? (We promise you won't regret it!).  Get inspired here.

Want to be a cheap travel-booking ninja? Check our guides on how to book the cheapest flight, car rental, and accommodation. We also have a comprehensive guide on how to find $1/day RV relocation deals.

How did you guys start travelling?

We are perfectly normal people who dropped our old lives, sold all of our belongings, and learnt firsthand that life on the road is cheaper than living in one place. We've earned all our own money for travel by working hard, selling our possessions, and having a minimalist lifestyle.

What camera do you guys use, and do you edit your photos?

We use a Sony Alpha 6000 for nearly all of our photos. On the rare occasion when we find ourselves camera-less (or with a dead battery!), we use an iPhone 6.

Some of our photos are enhanced to restore their original brightness and vibrance in Adobe Lightroom. Mostly though, we edit very little or not at all, with the exception of our Instagram shots.

Should I get travel insurance? Which one do you recommend?

Jen is a Registered Nurse, and has written an article about whether you should get health insurance here. She's also authored a comprehensive pre-departure health checklist here, which addresses other must-know info before embarking on a big trip.

In short: yes, you should get travel insurance if you’re travelling! Ultimately, it's up to you to decide. Just be sure you understand the potential costs and very real risks of not being insured. Personally, we use and recommend World Nomads, given its reputability and success rate for claims.

What backpacks do you guys use?

We pack very light, and have a detailed packing guide for women here and men here. We each use a 28 Litre Deuter Futura backpack, which we’ve had for over two years. It is extremely functional and highly rated by many travellers. It includes a rain cover, has ideally placed pockets, top and bottom access (so you don't always have to dig into your bag from the top), and provides excellent back & shoulder support.

For both of us, it is the primary bag that holds all of our belongings everywhere we go. Is it the bag for everyone? Definitely not. But we love it, and if packing very light is your objective, this is a great bag!

What do you pack for a long-term trip?

Jen has written a comprehensive packing list for women here & Ted has written one for the guys here. Those articles include everything that's in our bags! Other useful resources we have:

  • What gadgets to bring travelling here
  • What to pack for a road trip here
  • Useful gifts & items for travellers here

How can I start my own travel blog?

We've written a comprehensive how-to guide on starting your own travel blog, which includes tips and secrets to making it profitable. It will take a lot more work than you could anticipate, but if you're passionate, you'll love blogging!

If you want to take your blogging to the next level and turn it into a real business, we highly recommend Travel Blog Success. It's an online course taught by established travel bloggers that will tell you everything you need to know to grow your blog into a real business. In addition to the online course, you'll get access to private Facebook groups where you can directly ask your questions to popular travel bloggers who make a living purely on their travel blog!

Are the photos on the site yours? Can I use them?

Unless otherwise stated (which would be indicated beneath a photo), all photos on this site are ours. If you wish to use them on your own site, we only ask that you provide us credit – a simple “Photo Credit: Thrifty Nomads” with a link to our site. Thanks!